(previously App-V Scheduler)

Simple. Powerful. Realtime.

Powerful Deployment & Application Lifecycle Management for App-V and MSIX.

Before AppVentiX

No overview in which packages are deployed where, timing issues when deploying new or updated packages.
Cache corruption in non-persistent environments and cache pollution in persistent environments.
Complex scripting and back-end infra components with limited management options.

Become an application delivery hero with AppVentiX

With AppVentiX

Real-Time package deployment and management, deploy packages to test and to production with confidence.
Instant and fully managed package deployment (from publishing to auto unpublishing).
Advanced cache management capabilities for every scenario.
Powerful, yet easy-to-use with no back-end components required.

Get in control with AppVentiX

AppVentiX is a proven deployment and management tool for App-V and MSIX. It’s easy to use and provides features that allow you to perform all actions that are crucial in every application life cycle management process in real-time.

The power of AppVentiX is the amount of fine grained control, instant package delivery and real-time visibility over your App-V and MSIX deployment.

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Real-Time management 

Portable and easy to use remote management console for real-time management of App-V and MSIX packages in your environment. AppVentiX provides features that allow you to perform all actions that are crucial in every application life cycle management process. 

With AppVentiX you can inventory and manage machines in real-time. Deploy new or update applications on all machines with just one click. Publish packages to already logged in users, they don’t even have to log off and back on to access their new or updated applications. Also the unpublishing and removal of applications is taken care of automatically.

Advanced Cache Management

Advanced cache management options for both persistent and non-persistent scenarios. AppVentiX supports RDS, VDI and FAT client deployments. For persistent environments AppVentiX offers advanced cache management capabilities to keep the cache clean and in balance. 

For non-persistent environments AppVentiX contains tight integration with Citrix PVS & MCS image management solutions and advanced cache management options for VMware, RDS & WVD environments. 

Reduce Complexity

No need for (App-V) back-end infrastructure components and complex scripting. AppVentiX provides instant package delivery without timing issues, is easy to use and takes no longer than 10 minutes to install and configure.

It’s time to get in complete control over your App-V and MSIX deployment.

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