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AppVentiX, a proven real-time

application life cycle management

solution for App-V and MSIX

Powerful, yet light weight and easy-to-use.

AppVentiX supports the following platforms:

  • Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Windows 365 Cloud PC
  • Citrix environments (VDI & RDS)
  • VMware environments (VDI & RDS)
  • Physical deployments (laptops, PC’s)
  • Any cloud (Azure, Amazon, Google)
  • AppVentiX provides real-time management for App-V, MSIX, app attach and app masking
  • AppVentiX complements Azure Virtual Desktop environments with additional management capabilities and also works in on-premises and hybrid environments

Real-time Machine and User inventory

Gain complete control and insight over your application deployment with the real-time machine and user inventory features. Deploy new application updates in seconds instead of hours and see immediate results.

Support for App-V and MSIX

App-V is well known and used by a lot of companies worldwide, Microsoft has taken the best things out of App-V and used it as the basis for MSIX. Their formats are very similar and they are both embedded in the operating system. App-V and MSIX are native Microsoft technology and can be used free of charge, they have been proven to be very stable and to provide high application compatibility.
While App-V stays supported for a long time, MSIX will eventually replace all formats (including MSI, App-V, etc).

With AppVentiX you can manage App-V and MSIX (+ app attach) side by side in the same convenient way, convert App-V to MSIX with just one click, migrate when you want at your own pace.

Integrate with existing technologies

AppVentiX is an affordable addon solution and integrates very well with FSlogix and profile solutions from Citrix, VMware and Ivanti. With AppVentiX you can deliver applications before user login (pre-cache) or dynamically (on the fly) when a user logs in that needs the application. AppVentiX supports full desktop and seamless application (remote app) scenarios. 

MSIX and app attach management capabilities

AppVentiX supports direct MSIX and MSIX applications delivered with app attach. With direct MSIX deployment the application is cached on the machine itself, making it less dependent on the network, the application will be started directly from the cache. With app attach the MSIX application is stored inside a virtual disk and attached to the machine (either attached before user login or dynamically at login), this allows faster delivery and consumes less disk space on the machine. With AppVentiX you can mix and match this MSIX deployment types per package and manage them in the exact same way. Converting to app attach can be done with only one click, all virtual disk types are supported.

With AppVentiX it is now very easy to create your own certificate directly from the console. The certificate will be deployed to the machines automatically making it a very easy and quick method to sign and deploy your MSIX packages without the requirement for 3th party certificates. 

AppVentiX supports MSIX Shared Containers, they can be created from the console and deployed in the same convenient way as MSIX applications.

Direct integration with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

For AVD we bring real-time control and single point of management for both published desktop and remote app scenarios. With the AVD integration feature in AppVentiX you can publish applications directly in AVD either to an existing application group or to a new application group created directly from AppVentiX. Application updates can be managed centrally and are visible in real-time, of course this integration works for App-V, MSIX and MSIX app attach. Download AppVentiX now and try for yourself how easy this integration works.

Advanced Cache Management

Advanced cache management options for both persistent and non-persistent scenarios. AppVentiX supports virtual (RDS, AVD, Citrix, VMware) and physical (laptops, PC’s) deployments.
For persistent environments AppVentiX offers advanced cache management capabilities to keep the cache clean and in balance.

For non-persistent environments AppVentiX contains tight integration with Citrix PVS & MCS image management solutions and advanced cache management options for VMware, RDS & Azure Virtual desktop environments.

The agent is configured centrally and can be fine-tuned for your deployment goals in just a few clicks.

The App-V and MSIX client settings can be configured in the agent configurations as well, the AppVentiX agent will configure them for you.

Support for MSIX app attach

With AppVentiX you can manage MSIX AppAttach with just a few clicks, no scripting required. Watch this short video where we demonstrate how easy it is to manage MSIX AppAttach packages.

Reduce Complexity

AppventiX doesn’t need back-end components and is much more powerful and controllable then other management tooling. AppVentiX only needs a file share and is highly scalable. AppVentiX supports Windows file shares (direct or DFS), Azure file shares, Nutanix and NetApp file shares. Download and install AppVentiX in less than 10 minutes and see for yourself how easy and comfortable AppVentiX works.

Centrally Managed

Portable and easy to use remote management console for real-time management of App-V and MSIX packages in your environment. AppVentiX provides features that allow you to perform all actions that are crucial in every application life cycle management process.

With the Central View console you can inventory and manage machines in real-time. Deploy new or updated applications on all machines with just one click.

Publish packages to already logged in users, they don’t even have to log off and back on to access their new or updated applications.

Get back in control

No more orphaned shortcuts, no more left overs in user profiles and no more timing issues. AppVentiX takes care of the cache management, the publishing of packages and will also automatically unpublish packages when they are no longer managed. 

Watch this short video where we will show you how easy the publishing and auto unpublishing works.

Application container advantages

Abstracting your applications from the OS and running them in an App-V or MSIX container provides a lot of advantages, it allows application deployments and updates in real-time, prevents application conflicts and pollution of your OS image. AppVentiX helps you with real-time control, visibility, deployment and updates.

Highly customizable publishing options

With publishing tasks you can configure which application is integrated in a user’s workspace. The package containing the application doesn’t have to be pre-cached on the machine it can be deployed on the fly as well. AppVentiX provides advanced publishing options for every use case. 

Central management for FSlogix App Masking

With AppVentiX you can now centrally manage FSlogix App Masking rules and assignments. Just place them on the content share and they will be deployed and updated automatically. Rules and assignments you remove from the content share will be automatically removed from the machines as well. You can modify the App Masking rules and assignments directly from the Central View console and you can inventory machines to see which rules and assignments they have applied. 

Manage your environment using AppVentiX Machine Groups

Just select an OU or AD group where the machines are located, for example you can create a production and test machine group or separate by deployment type (virtual and physical). You can easily create a hybrid deployment scenario with AppVentiX, for example a machine group for Azure Virtual Desktop and one for on-premises, this way you can manage them in the exact same way.

Machine groups can be configured with content share(s), this is where the packages are located. AppVentiX supports all kinds of shares and have been verified to work with DFS shares, Azure file shares, Nutanix and NetApp file shares.

AppVentiX Agent

The AppVentiX agent is very light weight and includes a small applet: the Agent GUI, with this GUI you can check the agent state and see which packages are deployed on the machine. You can click on a package and start for example CMD or Regedit inside the virtual environment of the package. You can also check the App-V and MSIX client settings in the Agent GUI.

Screenshot gallery

Check the screenshot gallery to get an impression about all the AppVentiX features and configuration options.