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We are excited to announce that AppVentiX 3.4 is now available, this version builds upon its successful 3.3 predecessor, so make sure to read previous release notes as well.

What’s new in AppVentiX 3.4

Remotely push agent installation to machine(s)

It’s now possible to remotely push the agent installation to machine(s), this makes it easy to install and upgrade the agent directly from the Central View console. Silent and automated installations are still possible. It’s also possible to see the installed agent version in the machine inventory.

Improved OU picker

The OU picker has been re-designed and gives a better experience when a machine group is configured. You can also select another domain.

Multimachine select

You can now select multiple machines in the machine inventory, this makes it possible to inventory only selected machines and invoke the refresh cycle on only selected machines instead of the whole machine group

New columns have been added in the content inventory

You can now see the package size and other detailed package information in the content inventory

Improved seamless application publishing

Extended support for seamless application publishing scenarios (RemoteApp without full desktop), besides applications from the package it’s now also possible to select scripts and native processes

Other improvements

The following list of improvements are also implemented in version 3.4:

  • You can now see which packages have a deployment configuration file configured in the content inventory
  • The Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) integration has been enhanced and it’s now also possible to easily switch between subscriptions and tenants. This makes it easy to manage multiple AVD environments across different subscriptions
  • Support for nested groups and multi-domain environments has been enhanced
  • The installation and upgrade has been simplified and the time to get up and running has been reduced
  • You can now see which content share(s) have pre-cache enabled in the content inventory
  • The agent can now enable the App-V client, no need to enable it separately
  • The agent can now enable remote management automatically
  • The MSIX app attach conversion and integration has been enhanced
  • Enhanced MSIX package update process
  • Enhanced integration with Fslogix and support for Java rule sets have been added
  • Improved support for Azure file shares
  • Multiple other fixes and improvements

The AppVentiX story

AppVentiX is a light weight powerful management and deployment solution for App-V, MSIX (app attach) and FSlogix app masking, AppVentiX makes it incredible simple and straight forward to deploy and update Microsoft application packages in your environment. AppVentix also allows customers to manage App-V and MSIX side by side and helps with the journey from App-V to MSIX.
AppVentiX supports virtual machines (Microsoft RDS\AVD Hostpool\Windows365, Citrix VDI (PVS\MCS), VMware Horizon, etc) and physical machines (PC or Laptop). Both Server OS, Multi-session OS and Single-session OS are supported by AppVentiX.

AppVentiX supports customers no matter if they are running on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid, we will be extending functionality for on-premises environments (local active directory, local file shares) and on the other hand we will extend the integration with Azure Active Directory and Azure files. By supporting both we will help customers when they want to move from on-premises to cloud and from App-V to MSIX, in a pace that fits the customer.

We are also working on direct support for Azure AD groups (hybrid is already supported) and machine groups that are Azure AD joined only. This will be available in the next release.


Get in control and download the latest AppVentiX version now

Download and install AppVentiX 3.4 now and see for yourself how easy and comfortable AppVentiX works.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions feel free to contact us any time.

Thank you for reading!

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