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Release Notes
October 20, 2023

AppVentiX 3.6 Release

We are excited to announce the latest release of AppVentiX! AppVentiX 3.6 is now available for download and contains a lot of new features and improvements. AppVentiX is acclaimed by…
Release Notes
December 9, 2022

AppVentiX 3.4 Release

We are excited to announce that AppVentiX 3.4 is now available, this version builds upon its successful 3.3 predecessor, so make sure to read previous release notes as well. What’s…
Release Notes
July 23, 2021

AppVentiX 3.2 Release

We are excited to announce the latest AppVentiX 3.2 release.   About AppVentiX AppVentiX is an affordable addon management solution that integrates very well with Azure Virtual Desktop, Citrix Virtual…
Release Notes
March 23, 2021

AppVentiX 3.1 Release

Since 2014 we are helping customers to deliver new and updated applications faster with more control and confident. The AppVentiX solution is easy to implement and provides complete control and…
Release Notes
July 29, 2020

AppVentiX 3.0 Release

AppVentix (previously App-V Scheduler) has arrived! We are very excited to announce the next chapter for App-V Scheduler: AppVentiX. Since 2014 we have been building our product to the point…
Release Notes
July 28, 2020

AppVentiX Release History

AppVentiX 3.6.36 This release includes fixes and improvements on top of the previous 3.6 release. Fixes and improvements: MSIX: Package logo is now visible in the package details MSIX: You…