Release Notes
July 29, 2020

AppVentiX 3.0 Release

AppVentix (previously App-V Scheduler) has arrived! We are very excited to announce the next chapter for App-V Scheduler: AppVentiX. Since 2014 we have been building our product to the point…
Release Notes
July 28, 2020

AppVentiX 3.0 Service Releases

AppVentiX 3.0.27 Initial release, click here for release notes AppVentiX 3.0.28 Fixed an issue with App-V connection group processing Convert to MSIX app attach will now dynamically calculate the vhdx…
Release Notes
May 3, 2018

App-V Scheduler 2.6 Release

Today we are very excited to announce the latest release of App-V Scheduler, version 2.6. This release contains a lot of new features and improvements based on customer feedback. App-V…