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Celebrating a decade of success, AppVentiX, founded in 2014 , has reached a significant milestone. From our inception, we’ve honed our expertise to become a leading provider of real-time application distribution and management. Our team’s dedication makes us a reliable partner for our customers’ needs.

How It All Started

There must be a better way. That’s what a group of technical consultants thought when they were faced with the complexity involved in deploying applications with Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V). At that moment in time customers were required to build and maintain a complex infrastructure and an overly complicated console to address one simple task; deploy applications to users in the organization across different types of workspaces (virtual, physical, persistent and non-persistent)  This led to the development of a tool that solves a problem as simple and elegant as possible, App-V Scheduler was introduced to the market.  

Evolving Into a Product

Over time, a growing number of organizations recognized the product’s advantages, resulting in an increased number of feature and support requests. It became evident that App-V Scheduler fulfilled a significant need for many organizations, serving as an essential component in delivering applications to all users within an organization. In the subsequent major release, an Enterprise edition was introduced that not only offered more extensive capabilities, such as a centralized management console, but also provided support and software assurance.  

Market-Driven Expansion

As technology continues to evolve, enhancing user experiences and reinforcing security measures, Microsoft has taken on the ambitious goal of transforming application delivery for a broad spectrum of users, both consumer and enterprise. This led to the need for an enhanced application delivery format, resulting in the introduction of MSIX. MSIX, a new packaging format, is designed to build on the strengths of its predecessor, App-V, which was renowned for its application compatibility and high success rate in deploying a wide array of Windows applications.

Understanding the pivotal role MSIX would play in the future of Windows application distribution, we were quick to embrace it at our company. We prioritized support for MSIX early on, both natively and through AppAttach, recognizing its potential to revolutionize application delivery for our customers. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that adopting a new technology like MSIX is a gradual process, as it takes time to establish its reliability and effectiveness in the field.

In 2020, a new chapter commenced; App-V Scheduler matured into AppVentiX, empowering organizations to manage App-V and MSIX applications concurrently and seamlessly.

From Virtual Desktops to Any Flavor

What started as a tool to simplify application delivery for on-premises Citrix servers has grown into a tool that support any flavor of Windows desktop.  AppVentiX is proud to offer robust support for both virtual and physical desktops, addressing the diverse needs of modern organizations. Our platform caters to both persistent and non-persistent environments, providing a seamless experience for users regardless of their desktop setup. With AppVentiX, organizations can confidently manage applications and settings in a way that aligns with their unique requirements, ensuring smooth operations and optimized workflows.

Empowering IT Professionals and Customers Alike

We’ve always strived to make a product that solves a problem as simple and elegant as possible and was available for everyone who needs it. Since our inception we’ve introduced a model which allows IT professional, our community, to use our tool for free to use in their lab and explore different ways to leverage technology and increase their market value. For our customers, our goal has been to deliver the utmost value at an equitable price, utilizing a model tailored to their specific needs.

With time, we have refined our licensing structure, incorporating elements such as user-based licensing and partnership models, aimed at providing substantial value across the entire value chain.

Growing the Team

Our journey started with one person’s dream and love for making new things. But that dream grew when talented people joined together to make our ideas real. Our team of experts, each with their own special skills and ideas, has been the key to our success. We’ve gone from one person’s idea to a successful startup that’s doing well in the industry. We’re all working together with the same goal: to do new things, change how things are done, and show what’s possible with technology.

Future Vision

As we move forward into the next decade for AppVentiX, we are enthusiastic about our vision for the future. We have ambitious plans to further develop our goal of delivering the most robust tool for real-time application distribution and management. Our product will continue to evolve to encompass additional facets of application lifecycle management, while also integrating the valuable feedback we’ve gathered from our customers and partners. 

Closing Thoughts

 As we look back on our first decade, we are grateful for the success stories shared by our customers. We take pride in AppVentiX reputation as the simplest and most powerful tool for real-time application distribution and management in the market. As we look forward, we remain enthusiastic about shaping the future of application delivery and management.

As AppVentiX marks a decade of operation, we are excited to announce a refreshed logo and a major release scheduled for later this year. Stay tuned for more updates!

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