AppVentiX 3.4.32

AppVentiX 3.3.29

  • Issue fixed in the App-V cache validation procedure when used in combination with SCS mode
  • Improved seamless publishing method for MSIX applications in AVD and Citrix

AppVentiX 3.3.28

  • Improved App-V cache validation procedure
  • Version rollback support for MSIX applications

AppVentiX 3.3.23

AppVentiX 3.2.24

AppVentiX 3.1.27

  • The AppVentiX version is now better visible in the console and a link to the release notes has been added
  • Refreshing App-V and MSIX applications in the agent GUI has been improved
  • Without admin permissions the agent configuration window can’t be opened any longer
  • Multiple MSIX app attach improvements

AppVentiX 3.1.26

  • Improved MSIX method to roam MSIX appdata with FSlogix (and other roaming profile solutions)
  • You can now manage normal MSIX and MSIX delivered by app attach in the exact same way, there is no difference other then the deliver mechanism
  • Improved logging
  • The machine inventory now also shows the app attach disks that are attached to a machine together with the disk type

AppVentiX 3.1.25

  • The Central View console doesn’t start when the license is about to expire, this has been fixed
  • The app attach convert to CIM has been improved
  • Machine group based on OU didn’t display more then 1000 machines, this has been fixed

AppVentiX 3.1.24

AppVentiX 3.0.29

  • An issue in the order of publishing and auto unpublishing execution has been fixed
  • A check has been added if a machine group already exists before saving
  • The appattach agent setting did not update correctly in the agent settings window, this has been fixed
  • The machine inventory could crash in rare circumstances, this is resolved
  • FSlogix settings for App-V and MSIX have been added to the admin guide

AppVentiX 3.0.28

  • Fixed an issue with App-V connection group processing
  • Convert to MSIX app attach will now dynamically calculate the vhdx size

AppVentiX 3.0.27