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AppVentiX 3.7.28

  • Fix: Sometimes the AppVentiX agent service could stop unexpectedly on Server 2019 in combination with some MSIX packages, this has been fixed
  • Enhancement: A new package option has been introduced for MSIX: After stage actions. After stage actions can be used to execute commands after the MSIX package has been staged on the machine. For example this can be used to install the Teams meeting add-in for Office which is included in the new Teams MSIX package. When importing the latest Teams version in AppVentiX (using the Microsoft Store import button), the after stage actions are automatically configured to install the add-in and disable automatic updates.
  • Enhancement: When a newer version of a package is published for a user and a publishing task is executed for an older version, the publishing task will be skipped. When a downgrade of a package is required the force close option can be used in the publishing task to force the old version to be published over the newer version.
  • Enhancement: The AppVentiX PowerShell module has been updated and improved for both MSIX and App-V. Check the module help for additional information and examples how to use the module.

AppVentiX 3.7.27

  • Fix: When the refresh timer is configured in the agent settings the interval was not configured correctly
  • Enhancement: The Microsoft Store import feature has been improved to only show the latest versions and it’s now also possible to import the latest Teams version directly
  • Enhancement: When the content share has a lot of characters, the text is now wrapped for better visibility

AppVentiX 3.7.26

  • FIX: Azure AD authentication method could throw an exception, this has been fixed

AppVentiX 3.7.25

AppVentiX 3.6.36

This release includes fixes and improvements on top of the previous 3.6 release.
Fixes and improvements:
  • MSIX: Package logo is now visible in the package details
  • MSIX: You can now inventory managed and unmanaged MSIX applications
  • MSIX: Improved comparison, deployment, unpublishing and cleanup methods for managed MSIX applications
  • MSIX: It’s now also possible to manage Windows Store applications with AppVentiX, the next release will include automatic import capabilities as well. This will allow you to manage your own MSIX applications and Windows Store applications side by side.
  • MSIX: The import existing app attach disks feature has been enhanced
  • APPV: It’s now possible to deploy and manage App-V packages to Entra ID joined machines and Entra ID groups, no other management solution is offering this capability
  • APPV: Improved comparison for already deployed App-V packages
  • APPV: Migration to MSIX and side by side management improvements
  • Entra ID: Improved integration and SSO will be used when already authenticated to Azure
  • AVD integration: Fixed an issue where the Azure login prompt was not shown when connecting to AVD
  • AVD integration: New icon selection window and icon preview
  • AVD integration: Improved AVD application overview
  • Improved seamless publishing for other brokers like Citrix and VMware
  • Active directory OU’s are now retrieved in the background
  • Improved performance in large AD environments
  • The machine and user inventory feature has been enhanced
  • A refresh button has been added in the content inventory
  • When a publishing task is configured, the table is automatically refreshed showing the show publishing task button directly without having to inventory the content share again
  • When the Central View console was installed on another machine and pointing to the same configuration share, the settings could be overwritten, this has been fixed
  • The access group feature in Central View has been improved
  • Multiple other fixes and improvements have been added
Upgrade is easy and straight forward, the Central View console and agent can be installed in-place keeping previous configured values.

AppVentiX 3.6.32

AppVentiX 3.5.24

  • Improved performance for App-V deployment and publishing
  • Improved performance for MSIX deployment and publishing
  • The MSIX package data roaming feature has been enhanced
  • The push agent feature now has a fallback method, where the agent is first copied to the remote machine and then installed (please note it’s still possible to install the agent using own automation\pipeline mechanisms). The remote agent push is an optional feature.
  • A fix has been added for starting applications from AVD where the application needs to be started from the working directory
  • A fix has been added where the housekeeping popup was sometimes displayed unnecessarily
  • Extra logging has been added about deployment and publishing times

AppVentiX 3.5.23

AppVentiX 3.4.32

AppVentiX 3.3.29

  • Issue fixed in the App-V cache validation procedure when used in combination with SCS mode
  • Improved seamless publishing method for MSIX applications in AVD and Citrix

AppVentiX 3.3.28

  • Improved App-V cache validation procedure
  • Version rollback support for MSIX applications

AppVentiX 3.3.23

AppVentiX 3.2.24

AppVentiX 3.1.27

  • The AppVentiX version is now better visible in the console and a link to the release notes has been added
  • Refreshing App-V and MSIX applications in the agent GUI has been improved
  • Without admin permissions the agent configuration window can’t be opened any longer
  • Multiple MSIX app attach improvements

AppVentiX 3.1.26

  • Improved MSIX method to roam MSIX appdata with FSlogix (and other roaming profile solutions)
  • You can now manage normal MSIX and MSIX delivered by app attach in the exact same way, there is no difference other then the deliver mechanism
  • Improved logging
  • The machine inventory now also shows the app attach disks that are attached to a machine together with the disk type

AppVentiX 3.1.25

  • The Central View console doesn’t start when the license is about to expire, this has been fixed
  • The app attach convert to CIM has been improved
  • Machine group based on OU didn’t display more then 1000 machines, this has been fixed

AppVentiX 3.1.24

AppVentiX 3.0.29

  • An issue in the order of publishing and auto unpublishing execution has been fixed
  • A check has been added if a machine group already exists before saving
  • The appattach agent setting did not update correctly in the agent settings window, this has been fixed
  • The machine inventory could crash in rare circumstances, this is resolved
  • FSlogix settings for App-V and MSIX have been added to the admin guide

AppVentiX 3.0.28

  • Fixed an issue with App-V connection group processing
  • Convert to MSIX app attach will now dynamically calculate the vhdx size

AppVentiX 3.0.27